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Hi! This is your link to everything fuel pump and filter related. This includes fuel hoses, fuel injection and throttle body parts, fuel rails and regulators, gas tank parts and accessories, intake manifolds and more.

We also carry nitrous systems. These systems inject fuel at several points to optimize distribution of fuel and nitrous into the engine and can add horsepower to your Durango with no engine modifications.

You can order a nitrous system with the new dry technology, featuring computer-controlled sensors that allow the nitrous system to work with your existing fuel-injection setup. Computerized nitrous oxide systems allow you to custom program performance gains. These smart systems automatically stop nitrous flow if the air/fuel mixture becomes too lean, minimizing risk of engine damage and preventing oil saturation. The result is an impressive horsepower increase.

Cutting-edge wet systems produce the finest, safest fuel/nitrous mixture and give you tremendous gains in horsepower.

We have solid-state electric or mechanical fuel pumps to replace or bypass malfunctioning originals. We want to make sure you have a top-of-the-line fuel pump to help prevent hot-weather vapor lock and ensure easier cold-weather starts.

To upgrade your Durango's fuel system so that it provides a better flow and delivers more fuel to your fuel injectors, consider our fuel rails - they out-perform stock fuel rails.

Performance fuel injectors are designed to ensure faster response time; they also deliver a greater response range. Buying replacement fuel injectors that meet or exceed original-equipment specs can improve performance and fuel economy and at the same time eliminate stalls and difficult starts that clogged or worn injectors can cause.

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1998 - 2002 Dodge Durango (Engine: V8 5.2) 
Fuel Filter
Fuel Filter
For Vehicle:1998 - 2002 Dodge Durango (Engine: V8 5.2)
Retail Price:$73.86
Discount Price:$38.95*
Stock Number:E1000-149222/INT

1998 - 2003 Dodge Durango (Engine: V8 5.9) 
Fuel Pump
Fuel Pump
For Vehicle:1998 - 2003 Dodge Durango (Engine: V8 5.9)
Retail Price:$384.75
Discount Price:$192.95*
Stock Number:E3000-149052/DEL

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